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Giving Through a Living Trust: Big Shoes to Fill

Giving Through a Living Trust: Big Shoes to Fill

When Dorothy Van Denburgh first saw R. G. LeTourneau speak in 1968 she was fascinated by his large ankle-high shoes. Years later, when she visited the Longview, Texas campus she saw those shoes again on display at the museum.

But more than the university founder's choice of footwear, Dorothy was interested in what R. G. had to say about his missionary work and how he generously gave away money at the end of each year so that he could start fresh each new year.

She first heard about R. G. in 1967 while she was teaching Vacation Bible School. Her first impression of the man and the university led to a relationship of more than 35 years between Dorothy and LeTourneau University. Dorothy took her first trip to the LeTourneau campus in 1969 with her oldest son Skip, in hopes that he would attend. Skip did not attend LeTourneau but Dorothy continued to support the university in a variety of ways. "I was impressed with the students and the university," Dorothy said. "I knew these students were getting the best education and learning to grow spiritually"

Dorothy, 87, lives in Williamsburg, VA and attends "vigorous" aerobics four times a week. She also serves as a greeter at the Williamsburg Community Chapel and helps with worship services at a local nursing home, something she's been doing for the past 37 years.

Over the years she's given consistently and generously to LeTourneau University. She created a living trust in 1997 designed to benefit the university. "I live thriftily so I can give to the Lord," Dorothy said. Dorothy is a strong prayer warrior on behalf of "God's university," her favorite way of describing LeTourneau University, with a twinkle in her eye.

Yes, dear friend, those "big shoes" are still on display at the R. G. Museum here on the Longview campus and, yes, like Dorothy, we invite you to put feet to a plan of your own, designed to benefit Christian education at LeTourneau University.