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A Faithful Investor... And a Heart to Help!

A Faithful Investor... And a Heart to Help!

Faithfulness aptly describes Mary's life. Growing up and living all her adult life in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Mary and her husband Norman continually supported endeavors that focused on young people and their Christian development. They volunteered where they could and provided financial gifts as God led. Mary and Norman were introduced to and began supporting Christian education at LeTourneau University in the 1960s. Widowed in 1979 Mary continued to work when most folks her age were retired. She carefully and prayerfully oversaw the growth of her investments, constantly looking for "the best return!" The Lord called this faithful servant home on March 3, 2003 at the age of 94. Years before her death Mary had established a Charitable Remainder Unitrust with LeTourneau University, faithfully and methodically adding to it as the Lord blessed her, while enjoying a generous income from it.

Student scholarships were Mary's focus at LeTourneau University and her graduation to glory triggered the trust to begin funding these scholarships. Mary's Trust was also designed to benefit additional ministries that were near and dear to her heart. As Trustee LeTourneau University disbursed her Trust funds to those organizations. One organization responded, "what a time of rejoicing in God's faithfulness we have had today! The loving gift from the Mary K. Shimp Trust touches us deeply. It is the Lord's miraculous provision and we can't help but sing the doxology. How we wish we could send a thank you note directly to Mary in Heaven." Another organization responded, "...like with LeTourneau University, Mary was a faithful supporter of this ministry for many years. Her generosity in death is a wonderful testimony of 'holding loosely' the blessings the Lord shared with her."

Friend, we encourage you to consider establishing a Trust with LeTourneau University similar to Mary's, designed to pay you a potentially growing income until your death. At that time it would generously benefit the University and any other non profit beneficiaries you'd named in the Trust.